10 Reasons Why Music is Important in our Society

Why music is important in our society

Music is important in our society, and it will always be relevant. Music has evolved from what it used to be since the Middle Ages and early Christian ages. 

In those days, musicians would produce sound through strings, the wind, and percussion instruments like drums. While the exact inception of music is uncertain, it is, however, a surety that music started as long as 40,000 years ago and beyond. 

Music is more than sounds, and its benefits are numerous. Here are 10 reasons why music is important in our society and why it will continue to evolve and remain relevant. 

The Language of Music Brings Oneness

Music brings unity among the people. Wherever music is played, no matter what language is spoken, people from different cultures, traditions, and histories will move their bodies in response to the tune of the song. 

Music also helps bring people together. Many people from diverse countries love songs they don’t even understand their lyrics today because they love the tune. This can also be a stepping stone to understanding others, their culture, and beliefs. Music is definitely a powerful tool that can be utilized in unifying nations and people. This is why music is important in our society.

Music Has Been Proven to be a De-stressor

Have you ever felt worried, anxious, or extremely stressed, then you played your favorite song, and it felt like everything became right in the world?

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Yeah? Exactly! That is how music makes us feel. It has been proven scientifically that music releases Dopamine and Serotonin in our bodies when we listen. These hormones are called pleasure hormones, which make us feel good. These hormones are usually released into our bodies when we do things that bring us pleasure and comfort, and music also has the same effect. So, the next time you feel stressed or tired, play your favorite song. 

Music Has Healing Components

Not surprisingly, music can heal you physically and emotionally. Music has been said to speed up healing in people with stroke. It has also been said to heal those struggling with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic disorder, and other mood-related illnesses by alleviating their mood. This is why music is important in our society. It creates a saner and healthy environment for us all. 

It Alleviates the Mood

Music alleviates the mood. When you’re feeling down or sad, just a sound from a cheerful song can revive your mood and make you feel better. 

Music has been known to have a form of effect on the way we feel. This is why people play specific songs when they are in certain moods to either aggravate their feelings or make them come out of that mood. 

It Can Help Lighten Your Workload

Whether you’re trying to solve a difficult math work in school, you’re trying to write a long essay for your boss, or you’re carrying out mundane chores at home, playing some feel-good music in the background can help lighten your workload. 

You can also try some white noise when you’re trying to concentrate at work. They will not only help you concentrate, you will also feel light and less pressured. 

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It Creates an Atmosphere of Joy Amongst People

During festive seasons, ceremonies, or anywhere, people are gathered. Music creates happy and fond memories. 

During parties, you will find people of all ages dancing to music of all kinds. Children and adults alike will have only a common goal at this point. To dance, laugh, and enjoy themselves to the fullest. 

Music is Good for Your Child’s Brain

It has been discovered that music can be a great aid in the development of a child’s brain. 

You can help your child learn faster by associating what they learn with music. They can relate music with words and develop motor skills and emotional intelligence. 

This is why most schools have been known to associate rhymes, mathematical expressions, and spellings with sounds and songs. This helps the child understand what they are learning faster, and it also helps them remember. 

Many adults can attest to the fact that there are nursery school rhymes they still can’t forget, which help them with their day-to-day activities to date. Like the rhyme, 30 days hath September, April, June, and November, which some still recite whenever they need to know how many days each month of the year has. 

Music Fosters Creativity

If you are struggling with creating as an artist, you may need to spend time listening to music. 

Music fosters creativity. Inspires you to create and allows you to draw inspiration from other sources. 

As a painter, writer, dancer, or musician, a sound or lyrics from a song can inspire your next story, painting, or song. The emotions you derive from the music can also help you figure out the kind of emotion you want your art to display. 

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Music Can Help You Recall Forgotten Memories

Music has been said to help old people dealing with memory loss regain their memories. 

Creating a unique playlist can help people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease to recover some parts of their memory. 

Not only in old or ill people but also in general. Some past forgotten memories can be jolted back to life when you listen to an old song. Playing a song associated with a particular memory can bring the memories of that day back to you. 

It’s a Form of Recreation and Expression

From time past, music has always been a form of expression. Many rappers back in the day were known to express their political and societal views through their music. Activists have also been known to create songs in a bid to pass important information to the people. 

People often play music that resonates with their ideologies when they need to feel seen or validated. By singing out the lyrics, they are able to communicate their thoughts in songs. 

Music can also be a form of recreation, just like these 15 birthday songs of all time. It doesn’t have to serve a specific purpose sometimes. You might just want to relax, let off some steam, or have fun with loved ones. Music is a great way to enjoy a great time without worries. 


Music is the art of making sounds that feels good to the ear, soul, and the mind. It doesn’t matter what music means or what purpose it serves for each person. It will always be a unifying language that brings people together which is why music is important in our society today. 

Wherever there is diversity, miscommunication, and war, music can be a great way to communicate peace and love to each other. More than ever before, music from different countries and cultures has been able to reach across countries because of the advent of the internet. Now, people who speak other languages can listen and fall in love with music sung in another language. This continually unifies our society and brings us together as one.

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