Who is Michael Bublé? 10 Things to Know about Him

Michael Bublé

Michael Bublé symbolises classic jazz standards, timeless singing, and passionate songs. His smooth, charming voice melts hearts like butter on toast.

Bublé’s smooth voice and charismatic stage presence have won over audiences worldwide. Here are ten important facts about this globally renowned artist.

Who is Michael Buble?

Michael Bublé is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and actor best known for his smooth and soulful voice in different genres like jazz, traditional pop, and swing. On September 9, 1975, he was born in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Bublé’s music is frequently influenced by the classic sounds of singers such as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and others from the Great American Songbook.

Bublé’s breakthrough came with his self-titled debut album, “Michael Bublé” (2003), which featured a mix of jazz standards and original compositions. The album’s success pushed him into the spotlight, and he quickly became known for his charming performances and timeless musical style.

10 Things to Know About Michael Buble

He loves Hockey

He is a talented ice hockey player; he even received a scholarship to play professionally. However, fate had other plans. A hockey injury at 17 led him to rediscover his childhood passion for music, setting him on his vocal journey.

He is an International Artist

Bublé didn’t rise to fame overnight. He honed his talents in Canadian talent shows, even winning a spot in “Elvis Presley: The Entertainer” competition. This early exposure caught the attention of David Foster, who became his mentor and launched his international career.

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He is a Songwriter

While Bublé’s love for classic crooners like Sinatra and Bennett is evident, he isn’t just a cover artist. He co-writes many of his songs, blending timeless elegance with contemporary songs. Hits like “Home” and “Haven’t Met You Yet” showcase his songwriting prowess.

Man of Comedy

Bublé’s on-stage charisma isn’t limited to just singing. He’s a natural comedian, peppering his performances with playful banter and hilarious impersonations. From Celine Dion to Barry Gibb, his spot-on impressions add a touch of lightheartedness to his shows.

He is a Family Man

Family is Bublé’s anchor. He shares a strong bond with his wife, Luisana Lopilato, and their three children. His music often reflects his devotion to family, with songs like “Everything” and “My Bublé” dedicated to his loved ones.

He is Supportive

Bublé isn’t just passionate about music. He vocal advocates for various causes, particularly those close to his heart. He supports children’s charities like the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.


Bublé indulges in another passion: food when he’s not singing. He enjoys cooking for his family and friends, showcasing his culinary skills on his YouTube channel.

He is an Award-Winning Philanthropist

Buble’s generosity extends beyond raising awareness. He has received numerous philanthropic awards, including the Allan Slaight Humanitarian Award for supporting children’s charities.

His father was a Salmon Fisherman

Michael Bublé was born to Amber and Lewis, who were frequently at sea up the coast from Vancouver. His mother and grandparents raised him and his two younger sisters, Brandee, a children’s book author, and Crystal, an actress.

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A Global Phenomenon

From humble beginnings to international stardom, Michael Bublé’s journey is one of passion, dedication, and genuine warmth. He’s not just a talented singer; he’s a charming entertainer, a devoted family man, and a compassionate advocate.


What is Michael Bublé best known for?

Michael Buble is best known for his musical style and voice.

What type of singer is Michael Bublé?

He is a versatile singer who sings in genres like classical, contemporary, pop, and others.

What awards has Michael Bublé won?

Grammy Awards, Juno Awards and many others.

DoesMichael Bublé write his own music?

Buble is also a talented songwriter.

How old is Michael Bublé now?

48 years.
He was born on 9 September 1975.

How many albums does Michael Bublé have?

11 albums

How many kids does Michael Bublé have?

Four Kids
Noah, Elias, Vida, and Cielo.

How much money is Michael Bublé worth?

He has an estimated net worth of $80M (£65M),


Michael Bublé’s rise from a young jazz enthusiast to an internationally acclaimed artist demonstrates his love of music and ability to capture the essence of timeless classics while adding his own unique touch.

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