Who is Luh Tyler? 10 Things to Know About Him

Luh Tyler

In the world of hip-hop, new talents are always showing up and catching people’s attention with their unique styles and catchy rhymes. One of these rising stars is Luh Tyler, a young artist who’s making a name for themselves.

Whether you’re a long-time hip-hop fan or just getting into the genre, here are 10 things you should know about Luh Tyler.

Who is Luh Tyler?

Tyler Meeks (born February 20, 2006), better known as Luh Tyler, is an American rapper from Tallahassee, Florida who is signed to Atlantic Records. My Vision, his debut studio album, peaked at number two on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart.

With the release of his song “Law & Order,” he began to gain popularity. He would be featured alongside Ski Mask the Slump God on “Florida Water” in February 2023, and he recently released his new single, “First Show”.

Tyler’s debut mixtape, My Vision, was released on March 31, 2023, and featured Trapland Pat and NoCap. Tyler re-released the mixtape on April 4, 2023, with a new feature from Philadelphia rapper Lil Uzi Vert.

Meeks went viral after his 2022 hit, “Law & Order,” became viral on social media app TikTok. He recorded the song on his phone using an app called Garage Band.

10 Things to Know About Luh Tyler

Early Life

Hailing from Tallahassee, Luh Tyler brings the city’s lively spirit into his music. His style blends Florida’s relaxed atmosphere with modern hip-hop influences, resulting in a sound that feels both familiar and wonderfully distinct.

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Luh Tyler defies genre boundaries, seamlessly moving through classic hip-hop, trap, and a touch of R&B. His music is a diverse sound featuring melodic hooks, playful verses, and the occasional soulful croon.


Luh Tyler’s lyrics go beyond catchy rhymes. They’re snapshots of his young life, exploring themes of ambition, navigating relationships, and facing the realities of growing up. He paints vivid pictures with his words, drawing listeners into his story with vulnerability and street-smart honesty.

Hook Master

Luh Tyler’s hooks are catchy and unforgettable, sticking in your mind with their mesmerizing grooves and smooth delivery. Tunes like “Law & Order” and “Back Flippin'” will have you humming or singing along well after the music stops.


Luh Tyler excels in collaborative efforts, teaming up with fellow emerging talents such as Coi Leray and Pooh Shiesty. His adaptability shines through as he adjusts his style to complement the distinct sounds of each artist. Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations in the future.

Viral Hype

The internet has been kind to Luh Tyler. His tracks have racked up millions of streams, and his music videos have exploded online, introducing him to a global audience. Platforms like TikTok and YouTube have become springboards for his music, propelling him into the spotlight.

Style Icon

Luh Tyler’s swagger extends beyond his music. He has a distinct sense of style, often sporting streetwear with designer touches and embracing bold looks. His fashion choices reflect his artistic personality and create a good brand.

Business Savvy

Beyond the catchy tunes, Luh Tyler understands the game. He runs his label, “From The Block Records,” demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to independent control over his artistic revolution.

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Community Roots

Despite his growing fame, Luh Tyler keeps it real. He actively gives back to his hometown of Tallahassee, supporting local charities and youth initiatives. He understands the importance of community and uses his platform to uplift those around him.

Bright Future Ahead

At a young age, he has already achieved impressive milestones. His talent, work ethic, and dedication position him for major success in the hip-hop world. Expect fresh beats, evolving sounds, and a powerful voice that will continue to make waves.


What made Luh Tyler famous?

He started gaining popularity with the release of his song, “Law & Order.”

What genre does Luh Tyler rap in?

He raps in classic hip-hop, trap, and hints of R&B

Who has Luh Tyler collaborated with?

He’s worked with other rising stars like Coi Leray and Pooh Shiesty.

What are some of Luh Tyler’s popular songs?

“Law & Order,” “Back Flippin’,” and “Miss Me When I’m Gone” are some of his catchy tracks that have gained major attention.

What is Luh Tyler’s real name?

Tyler Meeks


Luh Tyler is quickly becoming a global sensation with his lively energy and diverse musical style. His contagious hooks, thoughtful lyrics, and collaborations are earning him fans worldwide. Beyond just his music, Luh Tyler is a brand, a voice, and a shining example of the impact dedication and talent can have in the music industry.”

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