Who is Beyoncé? 10 Things to Know about Her


Beyoncé is an unstoppable artist in the entertainment industry, a living example of the power of talent, resilience, and cultural influence.

Beyoncé was born in Houston, Texas, and has grown from a young girl with a captivating voice to a global phenomenon, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry, acting, and beyond.

In this article, we reveal ten important things to know about Beyoncé.

Who is Beyonce?

Beyoncé Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and producer. Beyoncé was born in Houston, Texas, on September 4, 1981, and became the lead singer of Destiny’s Child, one of the world’s best-selling girl groups.

She launched a highly successful solo career in the late 1990s, becoming a global icon and one of the music industry’s most influential and acclaimed entertainers.

Beyoncé’s music is diverse, encompassing R&B, pop, hip-hop, and soul. She is known for her strong vocals, captivating performances, and unique approach to music videos. Beyoncé’s solo albums have received critical acclaim, including “Dangerously In Love” (2003), “B’Day” (2006), “I Am… Sasha Fierce” (2008), and “Lemonade” (2016).

She has made significant contributions to acting in addition to her musical achievements. She has appeared in films such as “Dreamgirls” (2006), for which she received critical acclaim, and has provided the voice of Nala in Disney’s “The Lion King” (2019).

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10 Things to Know about Beyonce

Early Life and Destiny’s Child

Beyoncé’s journey began in Houston, where she showed early promise as a musician and performer. She rose to prominence as the lead singer of Destiny’s Child, a girl group formed in the late ’90s that became one of the best-selling girl groups in history.

Solo Career Breakthrough

Beyoncé’s solo career soared to new heights with the release of her debut solo album, “Dangerously In Love” (2003). The album, featuring hits like “Crazy in Love” and “Baby Boy,” established her as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Musical Mastery

Beyoncé’s music has different genres, seamlessly blending R&B, pop, hip-hop, and soul. Her ability to experiment with sound and consistently deliver chart-topping hits has solidified her status as one of the greatest musicians of our time.

Queen Bey and Sasha Fierce

Known as “Queen Bey,” Beyoncé represents strength, femininity, and empowerment. Her alter ego, Sasha Fierce, emerged during the “I Am… Sasha Fierce” (2008) era, showcasing different facets of her personality on and off the stage.

Acting Career

Beyoncé has successfully transitioned into acting with notable roles in films such as “Dreamgirls” (2006), for which she received acclaim, and “The Lion King” (2019), where she lent her voice to the character Nala.

Formation of The Carters

Beyoncé and Jay-Z, one of the most influential couples in the music industry, formed the duo “The Carters.” Their collaborative album, “Everything Is Love” (2018), celebrated love, success, and cultural impact.

Social Activism

Beyoncé is actively involved in social and political activism. From advocating for racial justice to supporting gender equality, she uses her platform to address pressing issues and effect positive change.

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Business Ventures

Beyond music and film, Beyoncé has ventured into various business endeavors. She co-founded the fashion line House of Deréon with her mother and has launched successful fragrances, contributing to her status as a savvy businesswoman.

Philanthropy and Humanitarian Efforts

She is committed to philanthropy, supporting causes such as disaster relief, education, and healthcare. Her initiatives, including the BeyGOOD foundation, highlight her dedication to positively impacting the world.

Legacy and Cultural Impact

Beyoncé’s influence extends beyond her impressive discography and into the cultural line. She has redefined beauty standards, inspired countless artists, and left an indelible mark on the music and entertainment industry.


Which country is Beyoncé originally from?

Houston, Texas, U.S.

How did Beyoncé get rich?

She is worth $540 million, according to Forbes estimates. Much of her wealth is linked to the “Renaissance” album and world tour.

Where were Beyoncé’s twins born?

They Were Born in Los Angeles

When did Beyoncé go to Nigeria?


How many kids Beyoncé has?

Three kids.

Who is Beyoncé’s biological father?

Mathew Knowles

Who is Beyoncé married to?



Beyoncé has achieved legendary status due to her outstanding talent, work ethic, and cultural impact. Beyoncé continues to shape the narrative of contemporary music as a singer, actress, entrepreneur, and activist, and she is a symbol of empowerment and resilience for fans worldwide.

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