What Type of Instrument Does Kenny G Play?

What Type of Instrument Does Kenny G Play?

What type of instrument does Kenny G play? It is one of the most asked questions by folks all over the world because it can be quite unclear when you see him play. 

The American Jazz Producer, songwriter, and Saxophonist Kenny G has sold over 75 million records and is known for being one of the best-selling musical instrument artists of all time. 

Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, born in June 1956, is known for being nominated and winning diverse musical and instrumental awards across the world. 

He plays an instrument that seems to be a saxophone, but many are not too sure about. In this article, you will get to know more about Kenny G and his interesting musical instrument. 

Kenny G’s Musical Career

Kenny G was a lover of music who started playing the saxophone when he was 10 after seeing someone play on TV. He, however, thought he would be an accountant which was what he studied in school. But, after leaving the University of Washington, he decided to go into music. He did great for a while but wasn’t known until his record-breaking album, Duotones, which sold over 5 million copies. It was his fourth album and the start of a globally recognized career. 

Kenny G is known for using a Soprano saxophone to play smooth jazz. His songs are known to exude emotions and leave you in awe. He doesn’t play any other instruments except his saxophone, which he has been globally recognized for. He also went on to win the Grammy Awards for being one of the best-selling instrumentalists of all time. 

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Some of his popular sounds are Songbird, The Moment, Forever in Love, Havana, By the Time the Night Is Over, etc. 

His Breathing Superpowers

Kenny G also has a breathing technique that helps him play so well which some may consider a superpower.

When he plays, he says he doesn’t breathe like other saxophonists do. He tries to breathe with his mouth and nose at the same time which helps him to breathe for a long time without affecting or interrupting his sound.

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What Type of Instrument Does Kenny G Play?

Kenny G plays the 1954 Selmer Mark VI soprano saxophone. One of the original saxophones produced by Selmer. However, he also plays alto, baritone, tenor, and bass saxophones. He has been playing for over 40 years and is exceptionally great at it. 

Kenny G did not just stop at being a great saxophonist. He also created his own brand of saxophones, where he makes high-quality saxophones for veteran and beginner saxophonists. 

Kenny G Saxophones

Kenny G has a brand called Kenny G Saxophones, where he produces high-quality original saxophones for sale. 

There are different types of these saxophones, namely: 

  • Lacquered Alto
  • Gold Lacquered Tenor
  • B-Flat Soprano
  • Dark Lacquered Tenor
  • EII/GIV Lacquered Soprano
  • ES-Series
  • GIV Series
  • Black and Silver Original Alto
  • Concert Series

The original Kenny G Saxophones can be told apart from the fake with the inscription Made in Taiwan found on all Kenny G originals. These saxophones are specially designed to aid saxophonists in switching from alto to soprano to tenor effortlessly while playing. 

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How Kenny G feels about His Music

In an interview, Kenny G was asked how he felt about his name being synonymous with a genre of music called Smooth Jazz, and he replied that he didn’t feel like he invented Smooth Jazz. 

He grew up listening to notable jazz players like Sonny Rollins and Groove Washington Jr., and he thinks what he plays is basically a compilation of all the sounds he loves. 

He also attributes his success as a music instrumentalist to hard work. He believes it’s not only because he’s talented but also because he shows up by attending over 70 shows per year and practicing every day. 

Kenny G has a special fondness for his soprano saxophone, which he has had since he was in high school. He doesn’t think it’s anything special. He loves it, and he is willing to keep it for as long as possible. It’s his favorite saxophone, and he practices on it daily. 


What instrument does Kenny G play? He especially plays the Selmer Mark VI Soprano Saxophone. However, he also plays the Alto, Baritone, Tenor, and Bass Saxophone.

With his distinguished brand of Kenny G Saxophones, he has also given saxophone players the opportunity to be great at their craft with the top quality of this instrument.

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