What Genre is The 1975? See Details


In a world where one person appreciates different genres, can you tell what Genre is The 1975 band? Well, let’s find out!

The 1975 is a genre-defining English band, from Wilmslow, Cheshire, in 2002. Led by vocalist/guitarist Matthew Healy, the quartet includes Adam Hann on lead guitar, Ross MacDonald on bass, and George Daniel on drums.

The 1975 band has a wide range of music styles. This versatility was one of the reasons record labels ignored them. From ballads to electronic music, this band has surpassed expectations. But the big question is: what Genres is the 1965?

The 1975 History

The 1975 was formed in 2002 during high school, It underwent various name changes before settling on their current moniker which was inspired by On the Road a Jack Kerouac poetry book. The band was managed by Jamie Oborne since 2010 but they struggled to find a label due to their wide music style. So, Oborne founded Dirty Hit and signed them.

Between 2012 and 2013, The 1975 gained momentum and released a string of extended plays: Facedown, Sex, Music for Cars, and IV. Their debut album, self-titled “The 1975” (2013), soared to the top of the UK charts, featuring hit singles like “Sex,” “Chocolate,” and “Robbers,” solidifying their position in the music industry.

The 1975 Genre

Generally, the 1975 Genre is Alternative/Indie pop. Also, the band explores other genres like alternative rock, Britpop, R&B, funk rock and elements of jazz, soul, gospel and several others.

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Indie pop

Indie pop is a genre that blends the melodic tunes of Indie with the catchy beats of pop. Despite their experimentation with other genres, Indie pop remains their most consistent sound. The genre strikes a balance between the slower pace of Indie music and the upbeat tempo of pop, offering a less aggressive vibe than Indie rock. While the band has integrated electronic elements into their music over time, their roots in Indie pop are evident, especially in their earlier albums.

Electro pop

Electro pop is a fusion of electronic and pop music genres. “Love Me” by 1975 exemplifies this genre with its upbeat tempo, electric beats, and futuristic guitar riffs. The song’s catchy melody holds the essence of electropop, showcasing its ability to blend diverse elements into a dynamic musical experience.

Funk Rock

Funk rock merges funk and rock genres. It is characterized by a prominent bass and drum rhythm, often funk-inspired, alongside electric guitars. The genre offers versatility in guitar styles ranging from funk to rock. “Love It If We Made It” is an example of this fusion. It features a slow, funky drumbeat intertwined with a lead electric guitar melody.


Synth-pop relies on the use of synthesizers. It merges catchy melodies with sing-along simplicity, encapsulating the essence of pop music. The band’s recent album, “Notes On A Conditional Form,” underscores this genre with tracks like “If You’re Too Shy Let Me Know,” where the synthesizer lays the foundation, gradually interweaving with drums and guitar to evoke a classic pop ambience. Throughout the song, the persistent presence of the synthesizer solidifies its synth-pop identity, offering a contemporary take on a beloved musical style.

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How many Awards does the 1975 have?

The 1975 band has 6 awards, four BRIT Awards and two Ivor Novello Awards.

How many Albums does 1975 have?

The 1975 released five studio albums, two live albums, five extended plays, 35 music videos and 34 singles.

Wrap Up

The 1975 band has surpassed genre boundaries. While their basic genre is Indie pop, they explored electronic sounds over time. Their music is well-known for its catchiness and creativity- which appeals to fans seeking fun yet interesting tunes.

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