What Genre is Men I Trust? See Details

Men I Trust

Men I Trust is an indie band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, which burst onto the scene in 2014. Their music genre is believed to be classified as Pop.

Their music is self-released, and their style of music is Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Indie Electronic.

Year Formed

The trio comprised Emmanuelle Proulx on vocals and guitar, Jessy Caron on guitar and bass, and Dragos Chiriac on keyboards. This High School friend formed Men I Trust in 2014 while pursuing a music degree at Quebec City’s University Laval.


They are believed to have released up to five studio albums under their belt, which include:

  • Men I Trust (2014)
  • Headroom (2015)
  • Oncle Jazz (2019)
  • Forever Live Sessions (2020)
  • Untourable Album (2021).

Men I Trust made waves in the music scene 2016, releasing hit singles like ‘Humming Man’ and ‘Lauren.’ They showcased their talent globally, performing at prestigious festivals in Montreal, Toronto, Shanghai, and Beijing. Their 2017 single, ‘Tailwhip,’ further solidified their status in the indie music world. Men I Trust also got a massive streaming hit with their lovely 2018 single “Show Me How.”

Year of Active

This French Canadian trio, Men I Trust, was active from 2010 to 2020.

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