Who is the Most Successful Female Singer?

Who is the Most Successful Female Singer?

Who is the most successful female singer of all time? According to the Guinness World Records. Madonna is the most successful female singer. She is constantly re-certified with the record of the biggest-selling female recording artist of all time. Madonna has sold over 400 million records comprising albums and singles. 

Madonna has not been the only female to hold this record of most successful female singer. Women like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and Rihanna have also been certified with these records. However, Madonna has held this record since 2009.

She has also held other records, such as;

  • Most Successful Female Solo Artist 
  • Most successful artist of 1986 
  • Best-selling album by a woman
  • Best-selling compilation (or greatest-hits) album by a solo artist
  • Best-selling remix album by a female artist
  • Most tickets sold by a female artist
  • First pop female artist to gross USD one million from a concert
  • First female artist to gross USD one billion from tours
  • Highest-grossing solo touring artist 
  • Highest-grossing female touring artist
  • Highest-grossing tour by a solo artist 
  • Highest-grossing tour by a female artist
  • Highest-grossing music tour per concert by a female artist
  • Highest-grossing documentary of all time 
  • Song topping charts in most countries
  • Album-topping charts in most countries 
  • Largest day of pre-orders in iTunes history

And many more. 

She has also won awards in Brazil, Canada, France, Chile, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, UK, etc.

Madonna also won Guinness World Records’ highest-grossing female touring artist in July 2022, and is said to probably be re-certified after her current tour, Celebration Tour, which is her 12th tour. In her 40-year musical career, she has grossed over 1.3 billion from her tours. 

Who is Madonna, the Most Successful Female Singer?

Madonna Ciccone is a 65-year-old singer, actress, and songwriter. She was born on the 16th of August, 1968. She is popularly known as the Queen of Pop. She is also a producer and an actor. 

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Madonna was known for her highly popular career in 1980 and 1990 which transcends her time. During the 90s, when women had less power in the entertainment industry, she stood out successfully amongst her peers.

Her best-selling album is The Immaculate Collection. 

Some of her No. 1 Billboard singles are Papa Don’t Preach, Live To Tell, Like a Prayer, Vogue, Justify My Love, and many more. 

One of Madonna’s charms that has made her stand over the years is her ability to reinvent herself and her music. 

Albums and Singles that made her successful

Her second album, Like a Virgin, a compilation of love songs so raw and artistic, was the start of her fame. It went on to get a Diamond Certificate. True Blue, another album, became number one across the world in over 28 countries. 

After she released Like a Prayer, her fourth album, which got to Billboard’s 200 Number 1 spot. She won an award for being the only female artist in the 80s to reach the number 1 spot. 

Then came the Immaculate Collection, which also won a Diamond certificate and is her best-selling album to date. 

Her fame and prowess didn’t end in the 90s, it continued into the 2000s and 20 decades later. 

She released her 10th album, Confessions on a Dance Floor, which reached the top spot in over 40 countries. 

Her singles are not left out of these achievements. Madonna has 13 singles in the number-one spot on Billboard. She also shares a title with Whitney Houston, the singer of the best love song ever. It is the title of the female artist with the most American Number one spot in the 80s. Her song, Like a Prayer, gave her that title. 

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Her single, Hung Up, also gave her the Guinness Book Records Award for best song charting all over the world in 41 countries. 

 She also surpassed a male artist, Elvis Presley, as the artist whose single got to the top 20 in 4 minutes. 

Her achievements surpass the US. She also has 12 singles in the number 2 spot on the UK charts. From the 80s to the 90s, she had 36 top-ten entries in the UK. 

Madonna Ciccone’s Other Achievements

According to Forbes, Madonna has a net worth of $580 million as of June 2023. She has made over $1.2 billion in her career. She was also the first woman to appear on Forbes cover. 

She has 14 albums, with the latest being Madame X which was released in 2019. 

Madonna has worked with big names in the industry, like Justin Timberlake, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper,  Pharell Williams, and many more. 

She also acted from 1985-1992, where she featured in films such as, Desperately Seeking, Shanghai Surprise, a League of Their Own, etc. 

Madonna Ciccone Family Life

Madonna got married to Sean Penn (divorced) in 1980. She had a partner, Carlos Leon, in 1995. The relationship lasted for two years, and she had a daughter for him.

She eventually married Guy Ritchie in 2000. They divorced 8 years later, but she had a son with him.

She also has 4 other children, which she adopted from Malawi, an African country.


Madonna is a one-of-a-kind woman. Her achievements and successes are second to none. In a time when women were invisible and not seen in a position of power, she took power and control of the entertainment industry. 

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She was also one of the first women to take full advantage of a music video. She is a pacesetter with a lot of outstanding firsts. 

She has stayed atop the position of the Most Successful Female Singer since 2009 and it looks like she will be there for a long time. Her success is one to be learned from and inspired by.

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