Michael Bublé “Higher” Album Honest Reviews

Michael Bublé Higher Album

The popular Canadian singer Michael Bublé has returned to the music scene with his latest studio album, “Higher.” Released in 2022, this album continues Bublé’s tradition of combining classic songs with his distinct style.

This article looks into the tracks of “Higher” and examines the honest reviews that have surfaced since its release.

About Michael Bublé “Higher” Album

Michael is an amazing artist, and “Higher” is his eleventh studio album, released on March 25, 2022, by Reprise Records. The album was named Best Traditional Pop Album at the 2023 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

Higher features arrangements of Paul McCartney’s ballad “My Valentine” and Sam Cooke’s “Bring It On Home to Me,” as well as a collaboration with Willie Nelson on a cover of Nelson’s “Crazy.”

Michael Bublé “Higher” Album Honest Reviews


“Higher” features a mix of classic standards and beloved songs, all touched by Bublé’s soft voice and emotive delivery. Among the anticipated tracks are “I Only Have Eyes for You,” “My Funny Valentine,” and “Forever Now (Live).”

Musical Evolution

“Higher” shows Bublé’s musical evolution. Both fans and critics have praised the album for seamlessly blending the ageless charm of classic standards with a fresh and contemporary approach. Bublé’s ability to give well-known songs new life while retaining their essence is a trademark of his talent.

Standout Performances

Early reviews praise Bublé’s vocal prowess and emotional depth on “Higher,” citing standout performances. Tracks like “I Only Have Eyes for You” highlight his ability to convey both vulnerability and strength, while “Forever Now” captures the energy and connection of his live performances.

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Live Experience in Studio

One distinctive feature of “Higher” is including a live recording. “Forever Now (Live)” captures the energy and intimacy of a live Bublé performance. This decision has been well received by fans, who feel like they are present at one of his renowned concerts.

Fan Response

The initial response from fans has been overwhelmingly positive. The album’s release sparked a frenzy on social media, with fans praising Bublé’s interpretations of classic songs and the emotional depth he brings to each track.

FAQs on Michael Bublé Higher Album

What is the story behind Michael Bublé’s Higher?

‘Higher’ is a triumph for the vocalist, as it follows a lot of hardship experienced by Bublé and his family.

What genre is Higher by Michael Bublé?


Is Michael Bublé good in concert?

He is very good at singing in concerts.

What age group listens to Michael Bublé?

Between 45 years and above.

Does Michael Bublé have any original songs?

Songs like ‘It’s a Beautiful Day” was written by Michael.


“Higher” shows Michael Bublé’s constant popularity and musical accomplishment. The honest reviews reflect the production’s quality and the genuine connection Bublé makes with his audience.

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