Luh Tyler “First Show” Song Honest Review

Luh Tyler First Show

Luh Tyler “First Show” Song Honest Review, will get you interested in the fame and talent of this 17-year-old superstar. The first Show was released in the year 2023 and has since been talked about across the country.

Luh Tyler, real name Tyler Meeks, is an American Rapper who became famous after his debut album “My Vision” reached number 2 on the Billboard charts.

He recently released his new single, titled “First Show,” and here is an honest review and all you should know about the song. 

Luh Tyler First Show Song Review – His Lyrics game

Luh Tyler has always been known for his expressive, confident, and raw lyrics. He always ensures to express his raw self in many of his songs, which has set him apart from other rappers. 

The first Show is no different. He fully expresses himself by speaking about his success, his personality, and how he plans to make more success and achievements.

Each flow of the lyrics goes back and forth between talking about a random girl to his ‘bros,’ and how awesome he is. If you like a fluid rap style with some personality and vibe, you’d definitely like Luh Tyler’s style. 

He also talks about the come-up from the hustle life and how he still works hard to become successful even though he’s already on the path to success. If you love rap that expresses the life of an average black guy filled with women, drugs, parties, and the hustle, you’d definitely like First Show. 

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The Melody

If you didn’t know anything about Luh Tyler before listening to this song, you’d probably not believe it was sung by a 17-year-old, given the rawness and explicit words. However, the melody and voice are quite steady and resonate with the sound of a typical rap song.

There are some repetitions of words common with rap songs of this nature, and he also has a steady and gentle voice that fits the lyrics. His voice also adds a vibe to the song. It is chill and calm but also active and confident. You’d easily hear his lyrics, and it’s easy to vibe to the beat even if you don’t understand what the song is all about.

The Meaning of the Song

First Show Song Honest Review will not be complete without understanding the meaning of the song. 

Like other Luh Tyler’s songs, First Show is based on individuality, confidence, women, success, the hustle, and living the life. 

The first Show is more of a freestyle. He raps about the different experiences he has had with girls in the past and how he wants something better. He wants a different girl that is not all about money or material things. 

He also talks about his friends, his guys who have been with him in the hustle. He also gives a tribute to another rapper who encourages him and pushes him to be better. He talks about “Kissing Mary Jane,” which is a term for smoking weed. Luh Tyler has also spoken about this in an interview that he started smoking weed when he was 13. This song further talks about it.

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Then he talks about the success he has amassed in the last year and how it has been life-changing for him, but he doesn’t plan to stop there. He wants to keep winning, hustling, and making money through his rap. He sings about his success and how he wants more of it.

First Show reflects what sets Luh Tyler apart from his peers and why he keeps on amassing fans. He does not fake who he is, and he is willing to say it as it is. Through this song, you can deduce where he is at the point in his life, which shows he is looking forward to something new, better, and greater. And this covers relationships, friendship, and career success.

Luh Tyler “First Show” Song Honest Review

This song is a well-rounded rap song. While it might not resonate with everyone, it does have a deep meaning and will make sense to you if you take the time to understand his lyrics. If you love songs that portray vulnerability, struggles, success, and the real life of a teenager or an adult navigating life and trying to be the best version of themselves, this song will do it for you.

However, if you are not a fan of swear words, vulgar language, or music that depicts women and drugs explicitly, this song might not be for you. But if you are looking to try something new and just get to know the meaning behind these words, you will enjoy this song, and who knows, it might speak to you. 

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Is it Worth Listening To?

Definitely! Luh Tyler is a superstar rapper, and he definitely became a widely known success because people loved his songs. If you love rap, trap, and explicit lyrics, you should listen to First Show. And if you would like to try out a new genre, you should check out Luh Tyler.


Where is the rapper Luh Tyler from?

Luh Tyler is from Tallahassee, Florida, in the US. 

What rap style is Luh Tyler?

Luh Tyler sings Hip Hop Trap Rap. Some people also call his rap style gentle rap or gentle trap because of his simple, calm, and gentle way of rapping while still flowing with the beat.

What agency is Luh Tyler signed to?

Luh Tyler is signed into Atlantic Records, and the contract is said to be worth a million dollars.

When did Luh Tyler start singing?

He started singing in 2022 when he released his phone-recorded raps after being persuaded by his friends. He later blew up and got signed by Atlantic Records.


First Show Song Honest Review might be all you need to check out Tyler’s unique rap style. You will find yourself vibing to the youngster’s beat and lyrics. And if First Show Song is your style, you should check out more of the rapper’s songs. His music will enhance your mood and make your day brighter.

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