How To Make It In The Music Industry PT 2

How To Make It In The Music Industry

The music industry is a cutthroat world where artists consistently need to up their game to stay relevant. With every talent that joins, the chances of you getting pushed out or becoming a one-hit wonder increases. If you’re just joining this industry or are an upcoming artist who wants to improve their act, our article How To Make It In The Music Industry is a must-read.

Many artists have been lost to time or eras because they need to have or do what it takes to make it in the music industry. Even so, there are not many people who understand what those practices that will make them relevant in the music industry are.

If you feel like you’ve hit a wall with your music or need some ideas on keeping your act fresh and beloved by fans, this post will give you some tried and tested strategies for succeeding in the music industry.

Ways You Can Make It In The Music Industry

  • 1. Choose Your Genre
  • 2. Define Your Sound
  • 3. Record Songs
  • 4. Find A Mentor
  • 5. Put Yourself Out There
  • 6. Build An Online Presence
  • 7. Develop Your Brand
  • 8. Collaborate With Influencers And Other Artistes
  • 9. Work With A Team Of Music Professionals
  • 10. Have Multiple Sources Of Income

How To Make It In The Music Industry

To succeed as a musician, you must stay at the top of your game and have an extensive list of creative ideas to apply. If you are an aspiring artist or have been making music for a while and need that big break, the tips we shared in this section can help you thrive, stay relevant, and build a standard career in the music industry.

1. Choose Your Genre

While anybody with the vocals can sing anything they want, artists should stick to one music genre, especially if they are just starting in the music industry. Choosing a genre in the early days of your career is all about how you wish to present and what type of artiste you want fans to know you as.

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Some genres you can explore include – rap, gospel, fuji, R&B, highlife, Hip-hop, dance hall, Alté, etc. But while you try each one for size, you mustn’t stuff your music with multiple genres. As a starter, choose just one.

Genre stuffing can take away your attention from the distinct sound and genre you selected for yourself. Be known for a specific genre if you’re a rookie, and when you become popular you can experiment with different sounds and projects.

2. Define Your Sound

To create a sound that won’t fade in this industry, you’ll need to make something distinct. This means going the extra time to produce a tune that hasn’t been used before or resurrecting a dead sound. Whatever you come up with, should resonate with your audience and match the genre you sing in.

Another way to define your sound is by merging it with your life experiences and your culture. With good storytelling, you can take listeners on a journey through your personality and things that inspired you. Feel free to borrow sounds from other parts of the world or recreate the tune of your favourite soundtrack while growing up.

3. Record Songs

A good song is your greatest asset in an industry that is as competitive as the music business. To succeed and build a lasting career in it, you must write amazing songs that carry meaning.

Once you have written your songs, you can now move on to recording them in a studio that is worthy of capturing such songs. This is why you must work with a good producer who is experienced and has an ear for great music.

4. Find A Mentor

One surefire way to master the secrets of the music industry is to learn from someone who overcame its challenges and succeeded. Having a mentor can give you a fresh perspective, priceless advice, and access to a wide network of professionals in this field.

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You can be matched with a mentor by asking for recommendations from your contacts in the industry. You may also use social media to contact people with more experience and progress than you in this field.

5. Put Yourself Out There

If there is one time you shouldn’t isolate yourself, it’s when you want to make it in the music industry. You have to constantly put yourself out there and be in people’s faces so that you become imprinted in their memories.

Some ways to be out there as an aspiring musician include – participating in trending social media challenges that are likely to be featured on a popular musician’s social media platform, and attending music concerts. When you attend music concerts you’ll get the chance to meet producers, performing artists, directors and other upcoming artists with a wider network than you.

6. Build An Online Presence

Building a solid online presence is one way to maximize your potential and boost your chances of being seen in the music industry. You can’t say you want to be global if you do not have any form of online platform where people can go to look you up and possibly listen to your music.

Being in the digital space has made it simple for millions of aspiring artists and even famous ones to promote their songs, connect with fans on a personal level and source for collaborations with other artists. Some digital platforms to get on, include Instagram, X, Facebook, Tik-Tok or YouTube.

7. Create A Distinct Brand

Standard branding entails your image and how you wish to be perceived by fans. Pay attention to how you appear, pick a musician persona, and the message you wish to convey with your songs.

Decide how you want both fans and music executives to evaluate you when they visit your page. Do you have a professional profile picture? Can they see your songs on your page? What colour have you selected for your brand? What about a logo and profile bio?

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Promoting your brand using distinct storytelling, pleasing aesthetics, and a clear message is a good way to draw fans in and make a good first impression as a newcomer.

8. Collaborate With Social Media Influencers

You are more likely to make it in the music industry if you give special attention to promoting your craft, by working with influencers and other artists.

Before making this move, ensure you do extensive research on which social media influencer has enough reach to make you go viral on social media, especially on platforms like Twitter, Tik-Tok and Instagram.

Influencers already have the online presence and fan base you need, and by working with them you automatically get your work promoted for an affordable rate. And since millions of people use social media, that’s more than enough attention for your career.

9. Work With A Team Of Music Professionals

Working with a team of music professionals is a smart way to navigate the music industry and get help with making decisions that will advance your career.

When putting together a team, you should get a Manager, Publicist, Booking Agent, and Lawyer. The manager will act as a liaison between you and the public, and help you make insightful career decisions, manage daily music activities, negotiate deals, and keep you organized.

A publicist will promote your music using the right channels. The booking agent will meet with promoters to get you gigs, negotiate performance contracts, manage performance schedules, and speak to event organizers. The lawyer will protect your interest, draft record deals, licensing agreements, publishing agreements, and protect your intellectual property.

10. Have Multiple Sources Of Income

When you get into the music industry, one thing you must not do is rely on a single source of income. If you use only album sales or public appearances to make money as a newbie in this field, there is a chance you’ll go broke when none of these sources of income a readily available.

Instead, try to have multiple sources of income that earn you money.

These things can be selling merch, uploading your songs to streaming platforms such as Audiomack, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, etc, or even starting up a side business that is in no way associated with your music.


If you want to make it in the music industry as an aspiring artist, you must learn to think outside the box and bring in unconventional ideas. And if you must follow in the footsteps of legendary musicians, you must bring a unique twist to it, so that you do not become their knock-off version.

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