How To Dance in Ohio Musical Honest Reviews

How to Dance in Ohio

With “How to Dance in Ohio,” a musical about the lives of seven autistic young adults preparing for prom, Broadway has embraced a groundbreaking story.

The show features an all-autistic cast and aims to challenge stereotypes and celebrate neurodiversity. But how does it fare in the spotlight? Let’s review the honest reviews to see if “How to Dance in Ohio” truly hits the right notes.

About How To Dance in Ohio

How to Dance in Ohio is a musical with music by Jacob Yandura, lyrics by Rebekah Greer Melocik, and a book by Rebekah Greer Melocik. The musical is based on the same-titled HBO documentary film from 2015.

Sammi Cannold directed the musical, and Mayte Natalio choreographed it. It premiered at the Syracuse Stage in September 2022 and moved to Broadway in November 2023. The show is the first Broadway musical to feature actors with autism playing autistic characters.

In How to Dance in Ohio, a group of seven autistic young adults who attend the same counseling center spend months preparing for a formal dance proposed as a therapeutic tool by their therapist, Dr. Emilio Amigo (Caesar Samayoa). They learn life skills and social etiquette rules, how to shop for dresses and find dates, and how to dance.

How to Dance in Ohio is a one-of-a-kind and unprecedented Broadway production because it not only centers on the experiences of its seven autistic characters, but they are also portrayed by seven autistic artists, all of whom are making their Broadway debuts: Desmond Luis Edwards, Amelia Fei, Madison Kopec, Liam Pearce, Imani Russell, Conor Tague, and Ashley Wool. 

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How To Dance in Ohio Musical Honest Reviews


Critics overwhelmingly praise the show’s groundbreaking casting, praising the autistic performers’ authenticity and vulnerability. This representation on a major platform such as Broadway is an important step towards inclusion and understanding.

The production does not shy away from highlighting each character’s journeys, highlighting the spectrum of autistic experiences. The audience can see beyond stereotypes and connect with each young person’s unique challenges and triumphs.

Story Telling

Critics praise the script’s and performances’ genuine emotion. The characters’ struggles and triumphs resonate with audiences, creating moments of deep connection and empathy.

The structure of the show has received mixed reviews. While some appreciate the serial format for emphasizing individual stories, others find it confusing and lacking a clear central narrative.

While the song has been described as pleasant and catchy, some critics believe the songs are forgettable and do not fully integrate into the story.


The song is praised for its inspiring message of acceptance and celebration of differences and its entertainment value. The show promotes empathy and challenges stereotypes about autism, sparking important conversations outside of the theatre.


Are the actors in How to Dance in Ohio autistic?

There were seven autistic young adults.

Who is the most famous autistic actor?

Anthony Hopkins

Who wrote How Do You Dance in Ohio?

Rebekah Greer Melocik

Who is the richest autistic person in the world?

Elon Musk

How to dance in Ohio Broadway running time?

2 hours and 20 minutes.


“How to Dance in Ohio” is a ground-breaking project, not only in terms of casting but also in terms of its message of inclusion and acceptance. While the storytelling and musicality aren’t perfect, the emotional impact and powerful representation leave a memorable impression.

This is a show that starts conversations, challenges stereotypes, and provides insight into the autistic community’s unique experiences.

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