Who Sings Drivers License: Capaldi or Rodrigo? (Revealed)

Drivers License

The song “Drivers License” has become a huge hit in the music industry, touching the hearts of people all around the world. But there was a bit of confusion about who sang it – was it Lewis Capaldi or Olivia Rodrigo? Today, we clear up that mystery and dive into the story behind this revelation.

Is Drivers License by Lewis Capaldi or Olivia Rodrigo?

People on social media started guessing and talking about who sang “Drivers License.” Some thought it might be Lewis Capaldi because he’s known for his emotional songs, and the confusion sparked a lot of discussions online.

But the truth is something we didn’t quite expect. It turns out that Olivia Rodrigo is the one behind “Drivers License,” and she recently shared this news in an interview. This revelation cleared up any confusion about the real artist.

While Lewis Capaldi has covered the song and released his version, the original and most popular version is by Olivia Rodrigo.

In a recent interview, Olivia Rodrigo honestly confessed that she is the sole artist behind “Driver’s License.” This revelation surprised many, putting an end to the speculations and confirming Olivia as the true creator of this powerful song.

The Story Behind “Drivers License”

Olivia Rodrigo shared that “Driver’s License” comes from her own experiences with heartbreak and self-discovery. The song is not just something she made up; it’s a genuine expression of her feelings and experiences.

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While Olivia Rodrigo is the main force behind the song, she also mentioned the people who worked with her to make it sound great. Making music often involves teamwork.

Impact on Fans and the Music World

Now that Olivia Rodrigo has come forward as a true artist, fans feel an even stronger connection with her. Her openness and honesty about her own life make the song more meaningful for those who love her music.

The story behind “Driver’s License” shows how things are changing in the music world. Young talents like Olivia Rodrigo can quickly become stars, connecting with people worldwide through digital platforms and social media.


What genre is “Drivers License”?

Pop genre

How much money did Olivia Rodrigo make from Driver’s License?

About  $500,000

Is Drivers License by Lewis Capaldi or Olivia Rodrigo?

Olivia Rodrigo

How many albums does Olivia Rodrigo have?

Two studio albums


Learning that Olivia Rodrigo is the true artist behind “Drivers License” is a significant moment in the song’s story. Beyond the initial confusion, Olivia’s honesty adds an extra layer of realness to the emotional power of the song.

As people keep enjoying this song, Olivia Rodrigo’s popularity continues to grow, solidifying her as an important artist in today’s music world.

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